Quality, demanded by our customers, Sustainability, demanded by ourselves

Achieving a high level of Quality requires experience but above all dedication. Over the years we have been improving our technique and polishing our flaws. Our clients have played a fundamental role in this learning process. Thanks to their strict requirements and valuable advices, we have improved our processes to achieve a high degree of detail in all our furniture.

Indonesia, like most tropical countries, has an exuberant nature. Its fertile soil allows trees and plants to grow easily. But on the other hand its climate can be extreme. Heavy monsoon rains often cause great damage where logging has not been controlled. It directly affects local populations in the form of floods or landslides. This is one of the many consequences that we can observe here, and it honestly worries us. What can we do to avoid it? Select our wood source in a responsible way, and collaborate together with local and global NGOs.

This is our way of working

Wood Selection Wood is undoubtedly the main resource used in our business. Therefore, we have a big responsibility when selecting our timber source. On the one hand, the Recycled Teak Wood that we use has always a history behind it, which eventually can go back more than a century. It is obtained mainly from ruined buildings. We bring teak back to life, through an exhaustive recycling process, recovering its original hidden beauty. On the other hand, we get New Teak or any other type of new wood, exclusively from government-controlled plantations, certified wood that meets strict environmental sustainability standards.
The Wood Drying process is essential to ensure the optimum moisture content. Recycled teak wood has already gone through a long natural drying process, which makes it very stable. New Wood is fumigated and placed in our in-house drying Kiln immediately upon arrival at our factory. This precise drying process will minimize future cracks in the wood and deformation in the structure of the furniture.
Once the timber is ready, we start the Production, selecting the most suitable pieces of timber according to the part of the furniture. Each piece is machined to achieve a perfect union using different techniques such as “finger joint” or “tenon mortise”, among others. We are committed to using the best glues and accessories to get the perfect fit. This will guarantee a long life for our product.
A delicate and thorough Sanding & Finishing is the key to giving our furniture a pleasant touch experience, its special character. We offer different types of finish textures such as smooth or rustic, always keeping the beauty look of the grain of natural solid wood. All of our iron or metal parts are painted in an efficient in-house powder coated drying oven, ensuring high protection against rust and scratches.
Our furniture usually will do a long way to reach the final customer. That is why a careful Packaging process will minimize the risks of damage during the journey. All our products are packed in a thick carton box, with especial reinforcement in each corner and edges.


All the steps listed above require the full dedication of our craftsmen and our entire team, our most valuable asset. We are truly proud of them. Their continuous effort makes it possible to offer you a high and consistent quality in each of our furniture.

The satisfaction of a happy customer is also our satisfaction. Having respected nature throughout the whole production process makes us completely satisfied.

We collaborate with the global NGO One tree planted and local NGO Trees4Trees, to plant at least one tree for each trunk used during the manufacture.

“The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now.”

Asian Ancient Proverb